Calf Weaning

Calf Worksheet

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2013 Worksheet

I use this spread sheet from Kansas State to check how my cows are producing! The WW ratio

lets me see which cows are producing by WW ratio, I also use this to select my replacement heifers

on paper before going to the pen for a visual selection. The red is below 80 WW ratio, orange

is below 90 WW ratio. I had 16 calves that lost their mothers at about 3 mo. of age the dams listed

as dead are those calves.

 Hay Spread Sheet

Hay Worksheet

This is a simple worksheet I use for my hay and straw. If you put in the price per ton, the date,

number of bales, gross weight and tare weight it will figure the rest for you. I have this on my

smart phone and can enter the information as I weigh.

Download This Excel File



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